Refunds for Canceled Orders

How do I get refunded for a canceled order?

Credit card, ATM, debit or check card refunds

  • Your financial institution authorized the payment and placed a hold on your account at the time you placed your order
  • This authorization hold temporarily decreases your available funds
  • Your account is not actually billed until the order ships
  • If the order is canceled and does not ship, the hold will expire in accordance to the timeframe set by your financial institution, usually within 5 business days.

Gift Card, eGift Card or PayPal refunds

A refund will be issued to your original method of payment and the funds should be available within 5 business days.

Cash refunds

If you used the Pay with Cash payment method to pay for a order in a Walmart store, you can choose to pick up your refund at a customer service counter, or have us mail you a refund check. You will receive an email requesting your refund preference if an item is canceled.