Damaged or Defective Items

How do I return a damaged or defective item?

Return by mail

  1. Sign in to Your Account
  2. Select "See Details", a blue link next to the order number  
  3. Select "Start a Return"
  4. Select "Return By Mail"
  5. Select the reason for returning the item(s)
  6. Select if you want a refund or replacement and then "Continue"
  7. Review Refund Summary and select "Continue". You may see the option to "Agree to Early Refund Terms". This means that you get your refund earlier but agree to return promptly or are recharged
  8. Print the pre-paid return label for your item. Without this label, we won’t be able to process the return. Don’t have a printer? You can always return the item to a store
  9. Package the item along with all original packing materials and accessories and mail the item as directed. You’ll receive a refund or replacement once we receive the item back, if the item is in stock

Start a Return

Return or replace an item at a store

  1. Bring the item you wish to return along with all original packing materials and accessories, to your local Walmart
  2. If available, bring the packing slip that came with the item
  3. If you do not have the original packing slip, you can print out the Store Returns Receipt in Your Account for the item you are returning

Return a Walmart Marketplace purchase

  1. If your "Order Details" page in Your Account does not say "Sold by," then you have purchased that item from one of our Marketplace Sellers.
  2. Instructions on returning these items can be found here.