How can I reschedule my order?

Rescheduling your order is easy!


If it's the same day as your timeslot, and you're going to be a bit late, just call Customer Care and let us know. We'll make sure the store holds the order for you until you get there. We're sorry, but we can't move your timeslot to earlier in the day.


If you need to pick up your order on a different day, you'll need to cancel your current order and place a new one. Once the current order is canceled, just select "Reorder all items" to add everything from the canceled order to your cart, and then proceed to checkout to place your new order.


Orders can only be canceled or edited until your "cutoff" time - which is the time your order electronically transmits to the store. You can see your cutoff time in My Account or on your order confirmation email. If it's past your cutoff time, call Customer Care and we'll help cancel your order on the store's side and assist with placing a new order for a different day.