Contact a Walmart Marketplace Seller

Our partnership with our Marketplace Sellers lets us bring you millions more products, along with more brands and more selection. We’ll be adding new Marketplace Sellers all the time, bringing you lots more choices.

How do I communicate with a Marketplace seller

When you purchase an item from a Marketplace Seller, you will see the Seller’s name listed in Order Details within Your Account.

Check the “Sold & Shipped by" label to see if the item is from a Marketplace Seller.

These sellers have their own cancellation and return policies, which means these items can't be returned to or a Walmart store.

If you need to contact your seller to ask a question, initiate a return, or help with another issue, you can email the seller within Your Account. Opens in new window Below you will find more information about this email flow.

Customer Email Communications

After you make a purchase, you can initiate contact with the Marketplace Seller from the Your Account.

  1. Go to Your Account. Opens in new window OR If you checked out as a "guest":
    • Click the Account icon in the top right corner and select Track Orders from the menu
    • Enter email address used to place order and the last 4 digits of order number then select View Order Status
    • On the Order Details page, click the link to Contact the seller 
  2. Locate your item purchase
  3. Select See details
  4. On the Order Details page, click the link to Contact the seller

  5. Through this link you will be able to communicate directly with the seller to answer your questions or resolve any issues
  6. Walmart requires sellers to respond to customer emails within 1 business day of receiving the message
  7. Walmart will keep a copy of each email sent and received and we may review them to resolve disputes, improve customer experience, and assess seller performance

Benefits of the Customer Communications Platform

The Customer Communications Platform is designed to improve the overall customer experience:

  • Allows you to see emails sent and received through your own personal email system (such as Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.)
  • Direct communication with sellers helps reduce disputes and claims
  • By using the Customer Communication platform, both you and sellers communicate with each other via encrypted e-mail addresses. For example, if you want to contact a seller, the service will assign an encrypted alias instead of displaying the seller's real e-mail address. E-mails are routed to the seller via this encrypted alias
  • The service masks private email addresses, to help increase the security of customer-seller communication

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