How do I receive a refund?

Do you have an item issue? Don't worry! We make it fast and easy to get a refund. 

  • Tap or click Your Account on the Walmart Grocery mobile app or website.
  • Find the correct order page and select Have an Item Issue?
  • Choose the item and follow the steps to receive your refund or start the return process. 

Need to return the item? Any Walmart location will help you process your refund.

  • Bring your item to the store's customer service desk.
  • Show the return barcode to the associate (you can print or use your smartphone).

Please allow 3-5 business days for the funds to show in your account. If the refund does not arrive, please contact your bank. 

If you experience any issues, please call Walmart Grocery Customer Care at 1-800-924-9206.