What's changing with the Walmart Grocery app?

We're adding Walmart Grocery to the Walmart app, creating a one-stop shopping experience. Don’t worry—what you love about Walmart Grocery won't change. You can still get fresh groceries and more for curbside pickup or delivery to your door.

Why is Walmart moving the Walmart Grocery app?

After listening to customer feedback, we found that customers wanted to shop without switching between apps.

What are the changes to the Grocery experience?

We have revamped the look and feel of the app, but the way you shop won't change. To access Walmart Grocery, open the Walmart app and select “Pickup & delivery” from the Start page.

Do I need to create a new Grocery account?

No. All of your account information remains the same. Simply sign in to access information like your favorites, the items in your cart, purchase history, and stored payment methods.


I have different accounts for the Walmart and Walmart Grocery apps. What should I do?

You can only use one account at a time on the Walmart app. To access your favorites, purchase history, and the items in your cart, sign in using your Walmart Grocery account.


What if I already have items in my grocery cart on the Grocery app?

You can continue building your cart after you sign in to the Walmart app from the Start page. Select “Pickup & delivery” to view your cart.


What if I already scheduled a pickup?

Your scheduled order will be waiting for you when you sign in to the Walmart app. Select “Pickup & delivery,” then view your Account.


How do I check in with the Walmart app?

Continue to check in for curbside pickup the same way that you always have through the app. There will be banners to check in on the “Pickup & delivery” and “” pages. We will also keep you updated with push notifications and text messages.